Dental Cleanings

It’s time to make your oral healthcare a priority. Take the first step today by scheduling your regular dental cleanings at our Mesa, AZ office. During your six-month checkups, your dentist will examine all of your teeth and restorations, as well as your soft tissues. He/she will test for gum disease and oral cancer, as well. With regular dental exams and testing, we can find and treat potential issues, thus lowering your risk for tooth loss, heart attack, stroke, and even loss of life. At Value Dental Centers Mesa, our friendly and competent staff will make your experience hassle-free and enjoyable.

The Importance of Dental Cleanings

We know life can get busy, but neglecting your oral healthcare can negatively affect your smile and lead to long-term health problems. When you do not receive regular dental cleanings and practice proper hygiene at home, bacteria will begin to build up on your teeth and along your gum line. This can lead to gingivitis, gum inflammation, and periodontitis (gum disease). Once gum disease begins to set in, you may notice gum recession, tenderness, swelling, or bleeding when you brush your teeth. If it continues to advance, gum disease will eventually lead to tooth loss, as well as gum and jawbone death.

What to Expect During Your Visit

The moment you walk in our door, you will be greeted by our team of warm, friendly professionals. After completing paperwork in the front office, we will escort you to a treatment room. There, your hygienist will be the first to see you. He/she will take time to talk with you about your homecare habits before charting your periodontal pockets. At the base of your teeth, your should gums attach firmly. One sign that gum disese is occuring is the formation of periodontal pockets at the gum line. The hygienist will proble the gum line, searching for these pockets. Any pocket over .3mm indicates the presence of infection, or gum disease.

In cases where gum disease is detected, the hygienist will recommend a deep cleaning, which involves scaling and root planing. Deep cleanings are the first line of defense against gum disease. The treatment removes bacteria and areas where bacteria accumulate, below the gum line. Usually, the hygienist will administer topical antibiotic to further destroy bacteria. Deep cleaning removes infection, so your gums can reattach to teeth to restore good gum health. Your comfort, care, and budget are important to us, so before any additional testing is performed, our team will explain any additional costs involved.

If the hygienist does not find gum disease, she will commence cleaning your teeth. We use a gentle technique, ultrasonic sclaing, which uses inaudible sound waves to remove the plaque and tartar from your teeth. After your cleaning is complete, the hygienist will polish your teeth to a smooth, shiny finish.

How Often Do You Need Dental Cleanings?

We recommend professional dental cleanings bi-annually, every six months. But if you have more severe dental issues, such as gum disease or frequent cavities, we will recommend scheduling your visits quarterly, so so we can take a more aggressive approach to restoring a healthy oral environment.

We also recommend bringing in your children for bi-annual cleanings. Believe it or not, children are at a much higher risk of developing cavities than adults. If children are brought in at a young age, they have a better chance of practicing good dental hygiene through their teenage and adults years.

Schedule Your Appointment

Protect your family’s smiles with preventive dental care. Schedule your checkups and cleanings by contacting our Mesa, AZ dental office today.