Tooth Extraction in Mesa

Stress-Free Dental Extractions When You Need Them

We understand the need for tooth extractions at our Mesa, AZ practice. Whether it’s an infected impacted tooth, wisdom teeth causing dental misalignment, or a tooth beyond restoring, our team of trained and caring professionals at Value Dental Centers Mesa can provide you with the treatment you need from start to finish. With very gentle methods and sedation when necessary, your extraction will be over before you know it. We will also provide you with the knowledge you need for at-home care during your recovery.

How to Know if You Need a Tooth Extraction

When you come in for your dental exam, your dentist will help you decide whether an extraction is necessary. In most cases, we will do our best to save the tooth/teeth in question. However, there are some causes for an extraction. These include:

  • You have dental crowding causing misalignment and discomfort.
  • You have severe tooth decay beyond dental restoration.
  • You have a cracked tooth extending to the root.
  • You have had failed root canal therapy.
  • You have severe tooth recession from periodontitis (gum disease).
  • You have wisdom teeth causing pain and discomfort.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

One of the more common dental extractions we perform at Value Dental Centers Mesa is wisdom teeth removal. Often, these molars can cause overcrowding and misalignment. In more severe cases where the teeth are not fully grown in, they can lead to infection and discomfort.Whether your wisdom teeth are impacted, completely grown in, or a combination of both, we can provide gentle, efficient teeth extractions.

What to Expect

When you come in for your consultation, your dentist will first perform x-rays to help you decide whether tooth removal is the best option for you. From there, your dentist will schedule you for a follow-up appointment to extract the tooth/teeth in question.

When you arrive for your dental extraction, our team of highly trained professionals will either administer local anesthesia or IV sedation. Once you are fully sedated, your dentist will begin the procedure. Depending on the complexity of your extraction, he or she will remove the tooth in one of three ways:

  • If your tooth has come in normally, you can expect a fairly simple and straightforward procedure in which your dentist will loosen the tooth in the socket and carefully lift it out.
  • If your tooth is impacted or has come in at an angle, your practitioner will remove gum or bone tissue to expose the impacted tooth. Then he or she will lift out.
  • If necessary, your dentist may need to remove your tooth in several pieces.

All three methods will involve minimal discomfort, thanks to our skill and effective sedation.

At-Home Care

As part of our treatment, we will send you home with the knowledge you need to care for your smile after your extraction. You may experience some mild pain and discomfort, as well as sensitivity and inflammation. Rest assured, however, that if you follow our instructions, you should enjoy a full and quick recovery. Proper protocol includes watching the types of foods you eat, diligently rinsing after each meal, taking mild pain medication schedule, and carefully brushing.

As always, we are here when you need us, so if an emergency arises, our on-call dentist is here to help.

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